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Clara is a young but already very famous singer, also known for her various acting roles in well-known productions in Italy that have made her popular even outside of the purely musical context, which is still the main focus of the young artist. She is involved in pop music with various rap and trap influences. Clara is not a completely new presence at the Sanremo Festival, as she won the important stage at Sanremo Giovani 2023, which allowed the young singer from Varese to participate in Sanremo 2024 with the song “Diamanti Grezzi”.

Clara Soncini was born in Varese in 1999 and is 24 years old. She grew up mainly in the small town of Travedona Monate, in the province of Varese. It was in this place that she began to connect with music, taking singing and piano lessons. After considering a career in the fashion industry, Clara actually started working as a model during her adolescence and while attending high school.

During the lockdown, shortly after moving to Milan after graduating, she started singing and achieved her first successes in 2020 by collaborating with the young singer and songwriter Nicola Siciliano on the song “Io e Te”. With subsequent singles like “Freak”, “Ammirerò”, and “Bilico”, she gained more and more credibility and musical independence. At the same time, she also obtained a role in the popular Italian TV series “Mare Fuori”, where she played the character of Crazy J, a young trapper who is transferred from Milan to the imaginary IPM building in Naples.

Her success continued with even more successful works like “Origami all’alba”, which achieved triple platinum status and remained in the top charts for several weeks. During the spring, she released a new single called “Cicactrice”, and a few months later, the song “Boulevard” was dedicated to her mother and to all the people who had the courage and strength to ask for support and help.

Last October, she was chosen to audition for the 2023 edition of Sanremo Giovani, where she won the competition with the song “Boulevard”, which allowed her to participate in Sanremo 2024 among the BIG artists. She became the second female winner of Sanremo Giovani after Arisa in 2009.

Clara is very popular on her social media platforms, but there is practically no information about her boyfriend.

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In summary, Clara is a young and talented singer who has gained fame both in the music industry and through her acting roles. She has achieved success with her songs and has won important competitions, including Sanremo Giovani, which led her to participate in the prestigious Sanremo Festival. She continues to gain popularity and has a strong presence on social media.
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